All I want to say: Mike taught me in one hour what 3 other trainers couldn't teach me in weeks. I had a "mentally challenged" black lab pup that was challenging to say the least. I struggled with her for 10 months and was pretty much near the end. She was 1 week away from being re-homed. I called Mike, went in for an evaluation & just after that initial meet & greet I felt like a new dog mama! She's come so far now! We had lots of company yesterday...first time in weeks & every one commented on how well behaved she was!
Can't thank Mike enough!!! You want results the first time? Call Mike!!!
Thank you Mike for giving me the dog of my dreams!!!!

Patty B.
I contacted Complete K-9 approximately two months ago for help with my (then) five month old Boxer puppy Ollie. I wanted my three year old son to grow up with a dog of his own but was convinced within days of bringing her home that this was one of my biggest mistakes to date! I found myself trying to cope with an extremely high energy dog who barked and howled when crated, chewed everything in sight, tore through the house like a lunatic, stole food, nipped, threw herself at every person in her path and had to be kept separate from my son at all times for fear she would accidentally hurt him. I also found that I had very limited time to spend training this dog between working full time and parenting a toddler. Mike brought us in for an evaluation and after discussing training options, we went with his "board and train" program. I dropped Ollie off and returned to pick up well mannered, obedient, calmer puppy and have never looked back. The changes in my dog's behavior are astonishing and Mike has patiently taught me how to continue to work with her over the course of my follow-up lessons and has always been available to answer questions over the phone or via email.

I cannot express my appreciation for the training program at Complete K-9 enough and would strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to enjoy their pet to the fullest. Mike's patience, kindness and genuine love for dogs is evident in every step of his training process and creates a wonderful, lasting bond between dogs and owners.

Tonya C. Dean
Rockland, MA


Almost four years ago we brought two beautiful boxers home with us named Willy and Lily (they are brother and sister). Unfortunately, their behavior wasn't beautiful! We bought and tried every advice found in training books but nothing would work because when one was doing what we wanted the other would be naughty and just do the opposite. We were going on vacation and needed to board Willy and Lily and we came across Mike's Complete K9 business. When I called I found out that we could board them for 2 weeks and he would train them and then when we returned he would work on "training" us. Well, when we returned Willy and Lily were so well behaved we thought this is great! Mike did the best training on Willy and Lily and then it was our turn.

Mike is so patient and he explained what he was doing and why. This made it easier to understand when he was teaching us how to interact with Willy and Lily. When I say Mike was patient I really mean it...I think that it might had been easier for him to train Willy and Lily than it was to train us! When we had our sessions at the beginning my dogs would keep their eyes on Mike and as the time went on things began to change. I still remember the day when instead of my dogs watching Mike they watched me!! I was so proud of myself and I knew then that we became a unit that day and it made our family stronger.

We will always be grateful for Mike and his services. He is always, always there for you when you have questions and his boarding services are the best! Willy and Lily love to go to Mike's when we are on vacation because it's like they are on vacation too!

You're the best Mike!,
Pam and Bill Richardson


(this testimony is memory of Willy who passed away on April 18, we will always love you!)

One year ago I adopted a 2year old German Shepherd named Sampson.
He is over 100lbs and I knew I needed help. I am so grateful to Mike O'Neil @ Complete K-9 for training ME! He taught me all the basics and the most important thing - that "training is a lifestyle and NOT a one time thing". This fact has made all the difference with my awesome dog Sampson and me. We have a very full life. We have people in and out of our home all week long. I wanted Sampson to be friendly and obedient. He is both and more. Sampson has recently passed the AKC canine Good Citizens test and the Therapy Dog International test. I am so excited to start taking him to see folks in the hospital / nursing homes, etc. We are now working on tracking - it just keeps getting better.

Thanks again,
Matthew Linden


Dear Mike,
We purchased Kie and adopted Sahra we had a lot of issues with Kie and Sahra was 6 yrs old and had lived in the kennel for the past 3 years. Kie was very difficult with all his issues and with the training and social classes Kie is a different dog he is now more confident and loves to social with all of his friends at social class. And when we brought Sarha to you after her living in a kennel for 3 years and we did not know German it only took 15 minutes and she was back on track and she turned out to a great dog! As you know that our dogs go every where with us and with the training that they have had with you we feel confident where every we go with them. Ron and I just want to thank you for all your hard work in training us (as we know that was not easy) and the dogs. We have referred all of our friends to CompleteK-9 as they feel the same about their dogs as we do!



Dear Mike,
I can’t thank you enough for the incredible job Complete K-9 has done on my German Shepard. The changes are astonishing and I am now very proud and confident to take my dog anywhere. You were my last resort before giving up and getting rid of my dog. I have so much more pleasure out of my dog since their training. My dry cleaning bill has been reduced to almost nil, my home no longer looks like the aftermath of an earthquake that hit 9.6 on the Richter scale and I no longer have to go running outside every 5 minutes to stop her from barking. You promised me I would be satisfied with the results and you most definitely came through. I recommend your Complete K-9 to everyone, especially those who compliment me on my dog. You are no doubt the master of dog training. I am looking forward to bringing my dog back to you for the protection program, I am sure that upon completion, my dog will be the best security for my home and family than anything else on the market.

Thanks again,
Middleboro, MA


Before starting with Complete K-9, we had a Cocker Spaniel with extreme temperamental problems. Now we have a loving, loyal family pet. We can't thank you enough for all you have done for Nonie and our family. Your expertise in dog training is remarkable and has given us trust and peace of mind in Nonie that we never had before. Our sessions with you have been very educational and fun learning experiences for us as well as Nonie.

Sincerely Yours,
Kingston, MA