Boarding Facility
Whether you’re gone for few hours or a long vacation, we can accommodate your dog’s needs while providing you peace of mind.   Our indoor kennels are spacious and comfortably heated or air-conditioned.  For your dog’s comfort you can bring your dog’s favorite bed, blanket and toy. 

You will need to provide:

• Your dog’s food, clearly labeled with feeding instructions.  
• Copy of vaccination records showing proof of up to date vaccines including kennel cough
• Any medications with clear instructions

Accommodations include:
• A community area where the dogs can play during the day
• Community pool (warm weather)
• Spacious indoor kennel
• Accommodations for any age, size and demeanor
• Training *for an additional fee
• Daily walks *for an additional fee
• Heated/Air Conditioned Kennels

For Availability Please Contact: